Reflections of India

The Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen

Laura-Dawn was a young Montreal beauty queen living in an affluent society when she began to envision working among the world’s poorest people. With a passion few understood, she spent a day travelling with Mother Teresa (canonized on September 4, 2016) in Washington, DC, and then went to work in the Bombay (now known as Mumbai) and Calcutta (now known as Kolkata) slums –– a journey that would change her life. Written from a Christian perspective, Reflections of India: The Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen is based on actual events beginning in May of 1989. From Laura-Dawn’s call to work among India’s poor to experiencing the privilege of labouring in some of World Vision’s centers and Mother Teresa’s home of the dying, Nirmal Hriday, and orphanage, Shishu Bhavan; this story is an emotionally-charged account of her experiences with extremely marginalized populations. The book goes on to describe the subsequent ten years of Laura-Dawn’s life and the revelations that were shown to her as she continued to seek God’s will for her future. While the events portrayed in her story end in the year 2000, their lessons are still relevant today.

This book is a true inspiration for those struggling with their faith in an increasingly tumultuous world where God’s voice is being drowned out by more aggressive, self-centered views. As we face escalating evil around the globe today, may the words contained in this book provide a spiritual perspective that will bring the reader a sense of peace and destiny.

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